Between Dog and Wolf | Founder photo Kathryn BristowLaunched in 2012, the idea for Between Dog and Wolf came from the French 'entre chien et loup'. A phrase often used to describe the passage of time from dusk to night, it's the space in which day and night co-exist - where the dimming light could confuse a dog for a wolf. 

The phrase also describes the limit between the familiar and comfortable, versus the unknown and the dangerous. 

The products you'll find here reflect this - pieces from small independent designer-makers, with moody, muted colours. Each item has been chosen for its thoughtful design, quality and style.

Our range includes interior home accessories, textiles, tableware and prints and illustrations. We make an exception for colour in our kid's collection, which includes plenty of ideas for children's gifts.  
If you know of a brand, designer or product that fits Between Dog and Wolf, do contact us.